KRYOKONTUR, a German Kryolipolysis device

Selective treatment with cold on the  right spots!

Cooling-applicators are placed on selected  body regions to be treated for fat reduction. Through vacuum the skin is drawn to the cooling surface and thus fixed.  A particular tissue between the skin and cold-applicator  provides an optimal temperature transfer.

During the procedure, the patient feels at first a local sensation of cold, that however quickly fades away. While under treatment the patient can relax and afterwards he can resume his activities unhindered . The destroyed fat cells are naturally disposed off by the body in the following 2 to 3 months and the overlaying tissue is tightened. The procedure of the elimination is effected by the body´s normal metabolic processes. Thus the patient should be in good overall health. Long term side effects are until now unknown. The device is based on microprocessor control and works independently and therefore does not require any  special manual operation during the application. The appliance works independently through microporcessing control and therefore does not require particular service during the application. The kryolipolysis with Kryokontur  is especially suitable for persons that have moderate weight surplus and would like to melt selectively away areas of specific fat bulges which  do not respond to diet or any physical exercises.

Advantages of kryolipolysis with Kryokontur:
Fat doesn not need to be cooked by laser before it is sucked away


•  non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, non-toxic
•  no anesthesia
•  no blood work, no scars
•  no pain
•  no burning
•  no damage to other tissues
•  no downtime
•  economical





Kryokontur  Kryokontur  Kryokontur