Kryoderm Applicator
The device is very easy to operate.

It is since more than 15 years in the market, top German technology and is used in many renowned hospitals

Our experience serves as your security.

  • •  can be operated by an assistant
  • •  non invasive
  • •  no anesthesia
  • •  does not require special preparations, is performed during routine office visits
  • •  painless
  • •  very cost effective
  • •  without any additional cost


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implementation and realization with transmitting cold applicators
temperature control for safe application, regardless area of use (completely different from  devices operating with cold air, gas, sprays or application of cremes)


New system for the successful treatment of skin irritations of  most diverse origin by using a natural physical process under application of the latest German technology in temperature-controlled cold .

How does this particular form of cryotherapy work?

In general, it is understood under cryo therapy a treatment with cold that causes an elimination of existing heat in the tissue. Cryo therapy is a medical term and refers to a treatment with cold. The affected skin tissue is removed by the application of cold and in the healing process is replaced with  a new and fresh skin. In treatment, the skin is cooled, = "frozen" for a few seconds at very low temperatures. The water in the skin cells freezes and diseased tissue is killed by the shock of cold. The controlled freezing of tissue zones is achieved with cold applicators which allow the implementation of a very accurate and specific therapy.


ERGOMED Medical Kryoderm Console

Excellent therapeutic results are achieved with this type of cryotherapy (constant temperature-controlled) in senile lentigo affections, warts, keloids, hemangiomas, benign pigmented nevi, fibroids and acne.

The advantages of cryotherapy with KRYODERM are that treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis and usually in a single session. Infections are rare, the treated area rarely bleeds. Numerous small changes in the skin can be removed in one session. There is no need for local anesthesia. Treatment may be repeated.

Cryotherapy with KRYODERM is painless. During freezing and thawing process, a slight stinging or tingling may be felt, which however disappears after a few minutes.

Generally one has to expect a slight redness or mild swelling. After two or three days, the treated area forms a small scab. This is a normal procedure and indicates the desired destruction of tissue. After a time of transformation a new tissue is being formed. Necrosis is extremely rare and so are cases of wound infection. After 1-2 weeks, diseased tissue comes off spontaneously. After 3-4 weeks, the skin renewal is completed.