Airnergy technology uses one of nature’s processes which has existed for millions of years, the photosynthesis in green leaves.



This ensures that oxygen is activated in a way which your body understands

Similar to water, warm or cold, oxygen also has various properties. Warm water dissolves materials such as sugar or salt crystals quickly and in larger quantities because warm water is highly reactive. Cold water only dissolves such materials at a slow rate and in smaller quantities because cold water has low reactivity.

Oxygen also has various properties: the oxygen present in respiratory air is not reactive. In order to make the oxygen utilisable for producing energy in the body, the body must first bring the oxygen into its reactive state – the singlet state. However, as the body’s ability to use the oxygen diminishes with increasing age, through stress, illness and environmental toxins the body requires energy in order to improve its performance and therefore its healing and regeneration processes again. Airnergy helps the body to increase its use of oxygen in a natural way.

And this is how this new respiratory air technology works. Airnergy User1

In the Airnergy device the air’s oxygen is continually returned to its high energy state (singlet oxygen) which is the physiologically active form of the oxygen that the body is familiar with.

This enables a patent-protected process to take place which is technologically adapted from the natural processes of photosynthesis.

The short-lived singlet oxygen returns in a fraction of a millisecond to its basic state and therefore gives off energy. The water molecules in the respiratory air take over this energy which is then inhaled through a comfortable breathing mask together with normal respiratory air.

In the organism the “Airnergy energy“ noticeably improves the way the oxygen is used and has a positive effect on many of the body’s functions - without an additional supply of oxygen and without foreign substances.


Respiratory air as the source of a holistic therapy method. This is how Airnergy achieved pioneering work from the start and could develop a market-ready healthcare system able to improve the utilisation of oxygen in the body without supplying increased concentrations of oxygen or adding any extraneous substances. The results not only made doctors and healthcare experts in the field sit up and take notice, but also inspired scientists and researchers from a number of different disciplines around the world.

Airnergy User childAt present scientists at institutes and universities, both nationally and internationally, are researching the basic functioning of Airnergy. The results of their studies and theses are reflected in our ongoing development work. Numerous doctors from various disciplines are also carrying out their own practice observations on breathing using Airnergy. Now, thanks to the kind support of our customers in more than 60 countries, Airnergy can draw on experience from a broad range of applications, from effects in different clinical pictures, cases of increased wellbeing to simple improvements in appearance.

In order to meet our quality objectives we strive for continual improvement.

Airnergy User 4The fact that Airnergy has achieved this recognition in the scientific and medical arena is something of which we are very proud and we use any newly acquired knowledge to pass on to our production team and in providing specialist advice to our customers.




Airnergy devices are easy to handle and practically do not require any maintenance. Therefore usage is very safe and easy. A detailed user manual is delivered with each device.

AIRNERGY AG is accredited to ISO 13485:2010 as a manufacturer of medical devices, as well as to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard to ensure the highest level of safety for the users of the technology.

And the Airnergy Medical Plus device has been approved as a medical device according to the basic requirements of the MDD (Medical Device Directive) 93/42/EEC.

AIRNERGY is also a member of the “Internationale Gesellschaft für Prävention e.V.” (International Society for Prevention).