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Cibermedica has been working for over 20 years marketing medical devices in the Luso-Hispanic market. Since  the traditional manufacturers of VEGA shut down a few years  ago, our new line consists of a variety of special devices of  German high tech in different medical specialties.

Cibermedica organizes seminars, workshops and produces translations  in order to promote the fundaments of the knowledge of German integrative medicine. Cibermedica remains faithful to its goal of disseminating this fascinating part of medicine and continues to act as mediator between the doctor in search of new strategies and renowned German companies.



Observation & Comments

“Every biological process is also an electrical process.  Health and disease are related to bio-electric currents in our body” Rudolf Pekar.

“The contemplation of diseases, their development and treatment are to be approached from a new point of view, which gives rise to different approaches . You can daily observe that the patterns of illness of patients today are not anymore “classical”  - rather are they in a “phase of transformation”. The multiple- cause- factor has become dominant, creating difficulties in diagnosis and consequently in therapy” Bodo Köhler.


Data and Important Facts


  • Cibermedica operates worldwide. All devices presented are made ​​in Germany and are known for their high technological standard. They are certified in accordance with the strict laws of the European Community (EC) for medical devices (EN ISO 9000). This ensures towards the physician responsibility, consistent quality and medical safety.

    Cibermedica  ensures fast and efficient after sales service.

Trainings and international events.
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Cibermedica offers the following equipment:


Spirovital therapy, oxygen breathed air with invigorating and revitalizing effect for the entire body, both on physical and mental level. It is used in integrative medicine and  also complementary to other methods in conventional medicine such as sports medicine and cosmetic medicine.

Its use is indicated for the prevention and therapeutic support as in various medical conditions, especially in cases of fatigue, burnout or sleep disorders, blood flow and with stress.


Its use is in cryotherapy. The implementation and realization is carried out with cold transmitting  applicators in percutaneous therapy, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, pediatrics . The temperature is always kept in a controlled and safe range regardless of the area of application, which is completely different from the conventional application equipments which use cold air or gas, sprays or creams.  Its main application fields are: skin surface irritations, hemangiomas, keloids, warts, senile lentigines (age spots).


EUPHOTON® EN 600 NT  a universal device for OXYGEN THERAPY

There are three treatment options to choose from with the same instrument:

UVE = Autologous blood therapy activated by UV-C light, reinfused intramuscularly (i.m.)
UVB = Treatment of blood with UV-C light, reinfused intravenously (i.v.)
HOT = Hematogenous oxidation therapy ( blood foamed with oxygen, treated with UV light and reinfused i.v.)